All items available in the shop are sourced through manufacturers & suppliers to give the best possible quality products.

Many products have been tried and tested on my own vehicles so can advise suitability for your application.

In house designed items have been developed where products have not been available, or of poor quality that better solution were desired.


<!-- 001 -->Accelerator Linkage Components
Accelerator Linkage Components

<!-- 002 -->Brake Components
Brake Components

<!-- 003 -->Steering Components
Steering Components

<!-- 004 -->Suspension Components
Suspension Components

<!-- 006 -->Transmission & Driveshaft Components
Transmission & Driveshaft Components

<!-- 007 -->CB Performance Products
CB Performance Products

<!-- 008 -->Engine Components
Engine Components

Body Panels
Body Panels

Gauges & Electrical Components
Gauges & Electrical Components

Interior Parts
Interior Parts

Miscellaneous Tools & Hardware
Miscellaneous Tools & Hardware

Used Components
Used Components

Paypal fees:

Any orders placed and paid for by Bank Transfer will receive a 3% discount at the point of payment.


Proceed to the checkout, and select 'Pay by Post' and complete the order process. Then you'll receice an email with payment details for the discount offer, or pay by cheque.

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