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Steering Box Lift Kit - RHD

Steering Box Lift Kit - RHD


42mm Lift kit

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If your bus has been lowered, you will soon find out how vulnerable the steering box is.

This product provides a simple elegant solution to the problem, lifting the steering box well clear of trouble, even on slammed rides.

As fitted by the countries leading custom and restoration businesses in the UK & throughout the world.


For an original steering wheel height relative to the dashboard, then it is recommended to shorten the steering box by 42mm. The strongest and safest method is to re-machine the steering wheel taper and thread in the new position. Cut'n'shut steering columns can be dangerous & lead to steering columns distorted by the welding. The shortening service is available on request.

If you have tubbed front arches / raised seats, then raising the steering box but not shortening the steering column improves the clearance between steering wheel and the driver's legs.

Installation sequence:

Remove the steering box. (This is detailed in the "How Too" section of this website under the title "RHD Steering Rack Conversion")

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Once the OG chassis section is removed, plug weld the first section in position.

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Next the raised chassis section can be positioned. Tack weld to secure it, then bolt the steering box back in position to confirm chassis section is square and alignment through the cab floor to dash mounts are maintained.

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Fully weld in position.

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Re-install steering box. Next cut the cab floor for to clearance the drag link. Fabricate a small cover & weld in.

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Finally strengthen & clearance the pedal nearest the steering box. (this will depend on LHD or RHD vehicles)

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